Natural Health Products, NHP İlaç San. Tic. A.Ş. performs marketing and sales of 100% natural, antiseptic and effective wound care and disinfection products that offer fast recovery in compliance with ISO 9001-2003 quality standards for a healthy and sustainable life.

NHP has adopted contributing to a healthy future with natural products approved by the Ministry of Health as well as products and services for the protection of living beings against illnesses and their treatment as its main objective. It pursues user-oriented studies in order to embrace a unique quality and reliability profile with an innovative approach.

NHP shapes its future by means of R&D studies that support the sustainable development of its products, quality management defined by standards, logistics system planned in detail and the importance attached to high reliability and customer satisfaction.

The clinical effectiveness of our products are supported by a wide range of studies performed by the leading scientists and researchers in the world involving a high number of patients.

Comparative studies of NHP products versus other products have been performed by scientific institutions. The results of these studies provide an objective evaluation for our consumers regarding the properties and performance of our products.

As a modern and innovative company, NHP meets customer demands on time in the most accurate and economical manner by being aware of social and commercial developments.

Providing services with well-trained and experienced staff in the health industry, NHP has brought a new approach to the prevention and treatment of diseases by its natural products manufactured using advanced technology.